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3.2 stars - Bishop Noel





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country Israel
year 2019
duration 2 Hours 3Minute
Genres Thriller
Directors Yaron Zilberman
WHAT IS THIS. It very much reminds me of the interview given by an assistant of weinstein about what it was like working for him.

Is this the new Black Mirror. Everyone like it's the girl from ozark Anyone else remember her from Electrick Children and Kimberly from The Americans! Loove her. Totally not creepy at all. I like the way you indirectly give your legal comment to the illegal statements of our cabinet minister. Very well-made and difficult to watch, this film does justice to its topic. As a potential assassin Igal Amir needed only a few (but powerful) motivators to lead him to a gun and help him pull the trigger. In doing so he changed to course of history. With great restraint this film delves into both Amir and the influences around him leading eventually to the murder of Prime Minister Rabin. The direction and acting are on a very high level and anyone wishing to gain insight and learn lessons from this horrific event should invest the time in seeing this film. It provokes thought as well as feeling, thus qualifying it as an important piece of film making.

It was good movie and i hope Italians will make good movies. Really well done. The story is compelling and the acting is seamless and fantastic especially the lead actor. I was also impressed by the editing. They used real footage of real events and combined them into the new footage is a seamless and a very skilled fashion, impressive.

Peace be upon Israel! “... be everyone who curses you, And blessed be those who bless you!”” ‭‭Genesis‬ ‭ 27:29 ‬b. სირცხვილი და თავის მოჭრა. ეხლა აქ გინებას არ დავიწყებ. @Aurra994, The group that pickets funerals has about 100 people and it is hardly growing. Picture an 3/4 of the population like them and you have an Islamic Republic. Pro-life people who quote Bible Scripture(why? I don't know) are overwhelmingly non-violent and very few of them consider advocating the death penalty for abortion. Heck, I'm basically pro-life, but I don't even have any particular religious leanings and would never advocate the death penalty for sincere abortion.

Looks amazing. I've been waiting for soooooo long, for a film to come along, that could rival Luc Besson's original La Femme Nikita. And, here it potentially is. Blake Lively looks to be amazing. Nicely done. Disgusting.

Y'all just like ruining our name🤔. I don´t know what the hell are they selling, but I want it. Promises to be a great incite album. Those saying this is a racist movie against Islam... I am saying religion somehow objectifies them in a cage... Ex. What to do,or what to wear. So many things in religion that try to objectify how do women feel about this? Because if you look at it some practises intend to diminish and dominate a tricky subject... And people will start quoting the Bible and Quran to say how wrong I am. And it's okay everybody is entitled to their own opinion.

Shes pretty great in Ozark. Cant wait for S3. So there you have it. The easiest way to make people think the good is evil and the evil is good is to have total control of the MSM. DemocRATs brain dead bottom feeders,basment dwellers. Set in early 90's, director Yaron Zilberman's sophomore feature film follows a young university student who becomes a radical leader determined to exterminate the enemy among his Jewish community, as he engages on a political war against Israel's Prime Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. Rising star Yehuda Nahari Halevi gives a breakthrough performance as the villain protagonist, building up his character with incredible skills: he must fulfill his duties with family, friends and girlfriend, all while trying to organize a fully-armed, rebel movement. Israel's official entry for the 2020 0scars, and named Best Film by the Israeli Film Academy, it captures the anxiety and tension of the crime with extreme brilliance and fast paced action, while connecting the crime to relevant romantic and familiar insights. Zilberman conceives a suspenseful, detailed and observational psychological thriller depicting a man's journey from a regular activist guy to a notorious murderer.


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